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Wet-cure smoked salmon brine recipe

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I've been looking for a good wet cure recipe for smoked salmon with instacure #1, but it looks like most people just dry cure their salmon. Anyone cure their salmon in a brine with instacure #1?
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Hmmmmmm,  No wet briners have chimed in yet?  Maybe they have all converted over to our dry brine tribe.  All my Salmon is done with dry brine.  I do wet brine Halibut and Sturgeon but neither has a cure in it.  Hopefully someone will get an answer to you shortly.

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nielsonhul, morning.... I assume you have a wet cure recipe you use now.... Add 1 tsp. cure #1 per 5#'s of water and salmon combined... thoroughly mix in the #1 and wait for the cure to penetrate .....
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I do a wet brine and smoke. I use a base of 1/1/1. That is 1 cup sugar 1 cup salt ( table) to 1 gallon of water. I use small amount of black pepper, 1/8 cup of granulated garlic,1/4 cup of capers, 2 table spoons of crushed red pepper. Brine for 4-6 hours room temperature or 10-12 hours in fridge. Cook in smoker or indirect heat on grill. 180-225 degrees for a couple hours. Base ratio must stay the same all others can be changed or deleted.

I have used only base and it is great also

of course scale side down

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I use a pre made brine mix for trout. It works well

It has salt brown sugar honey powder I'm going to guess cure and it lists soy and wheat in it also.

I don't mind buying it but would like to see if I can reproduce on my own
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Mr T's recipe works great. His thread is usually on the first page or two.
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