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Italian Beef - for the first time

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Life has been a little crazy so it's been a while since I posted any smokes - but that doesn't mean I didn't find time to fit one or two in...

Decided to give Italian Beef recipe a try.  Got the idea from a post on another forum.  6 lbs of sirloin roast, Pensey Sandwich Sprinkle and Louie's Italian Seasonings and I was off to the races.  

Rubbed the roasts with Pensey's, salt and pepper, then into to fridge overnight.  Into smoker until IT is 150 F (decided to smoke some nuts while I was at it).  Sliced thin and into the oven with a Louie's au jus mix.  

One meal with the neighbor, a couple of meals with my wife and big batch saved for the work weekend at the cabin - great food always finds me good help.

Thanks SmokinDon for the inspiration.


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MB, Looks delicious !!!

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I not been to Chicago to try Italian Beef, have eaten many Philly Steaks living near Philadelphia in PA and NJ, but they sound really good. Looks like you got a god one there...JJ

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