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I have had my 732 for abut 3 years and have really liked it, but about 6 months ago it stopped either transmitting or receiving. I was a little disappointed at first but I soon realized that I wasn't using the receiver that much anyway. I just sit my main unit on the shelf and don't have any problems. My back yard is very small and when I'm smoking, I usually sit fairly close to the smoker or just piddle around and am still passing by there every few minutes or so. The only thing that I've done is buy a set of 6' probe cables. I had a WSM and now I'm using a 24"x48" and my probe inlet is on one end, so I needed the extra length. Maybe someday, I'll get the instructions out and try to figure out what's wrong with the remote unit.

Oh well, that's another day. Joe
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I have both the 732 and the Igrill2.  Both are great but neither has really great range.  My den is about 20 feet from my smoker but there is a thick brick wall between the smoker and the den.  Neither unit will go much further than the den.  In the kitchen (30 Feet est) the signal comes and goes.  This range is perfect for me.  I really like the Igrill2 for the software that runs on my Iphone.  I am no expert but I like to see the trends in the graph and I can use the timer built into the Iphone. It has a very loud alarm.  Both are good units. I would buy either unit again.   Just don't expect long range from either unit unless conditions are perfect.  I think my plasma TV is part of the problem at my house.  


Keep on cooking.

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The 732 arrived today while I was doing a PP and so far, so good. I calibrated in some boiling collard's and they were both dead on. I'm looking forward to using this going forward.
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I'm really glad the 732 is working for you. What kind of wood do you use for your collards and what was the finished IT? LOL

Couldn't pass that one up. yahoo.gif
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I bought a new ET-732 and used it last week.  The remote will not stay synced up to the transmitter at a distance of over 6-8 feet.  I am deeply disappointed about that and I have already been in touch with Maverick about getting a warranty replacement.


Edit to add:  I bought it more for the dual probe function than the remote, but the remote did factor in to the purchase decision.

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I've only used the 733 and have never lost signal.  I did break one probe when i tugged on the cable to remove it from the meat.  I felt the cable pull but the metal probe didn't budge.  I am sure the thermocouple pulled free from the tip of the probe.  I ordered a new probe and don't pull on the cable to remove it from the meat any longer.  I'm very happy with the Maverick.



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