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Sonny's BBQ Ribs Where to get small slabs

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I have spent years making baby backs. I think from the compliments that they are good. But once in awhile, we will go to Sonny's BBQ a southern chain. They have a full slab of ribs with all the sides for $14.99 . The thing is, the slab is thin and probably weighs 11 ounces or so. The bones are small. I would like to get my hands on some small ribs like that. But where? Why are the bones so small? I would love to try to make those as the cook time would be less. The taste could be better by having thinner meat.Any info would be appreciated.

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It sounds like they are trimming off the loin meat from the top to use in their other dishes. I guess you might find someone to cut these for you so they would cook quicker, but be careful what you ask for. I'd rather eat meat than suck bones. Good luck
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My grocery store has Spare ribs; baby back ribs, and; baby back riblets. The last item sells for 4.99/lb.

I think this may be what you had. But, as stated above - you don't get much meat - more presentation than eating...............

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IMHO looks like sonny's uses St Louis style ribs with the cartilage removed. You can do that at home

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Restaurant distributors like Sysco, offer Ribs packed based on size. You can buy Racks that will average anywhere from 2 to 5 pounds, also custom cut to their spec. So order 20 cases of 2 pound racks and they will be all that weight or close. I suspect Sonny's just consistantly orders a smaller size, if not a custom cut, of St. Louis Cut ribs than your Butcher or Grocer does. Grocery stores usually order a mixed case as customers select according to there preference. I buy the heaviest full racks I can find so I can make my own St. Louis ribs and have a lot of meat on the tips to be trimmed for another meal...See if there are any Rest Distributors that sell to the Public. You can then order, typically a case at a time, the size you are looking for...JJ

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Thank you!

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