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I have another 3lb filet I may brine to try it out. I used to grill all my salmon, but I'm so new to smoking I'm completely open to any/all options as I havent had a chance to even figure out what I like. I'll have to try the 3hr brine, dry, smoke combo. Heck maybe Ill give it a go tomorrow and try the apple or mesquite plus alder (a co-worker gave me a small bag of alder which is hard to find around here)... gawd I love this site
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Originally Posted by greasemonger View Post

Ive been using orange chips (from academy) in the MES, and coat the filet with a melted butter/lemon zest/brown sugar mix and sprinkle some lemon pepper on top. I put mine straight onto a non-stick grilling rack I got at kroger with thinner crossed grate/mesh (had to cut the supplied wire handles off with bolt cutters just long enough for them to slide onto the MES rack guides) and smoke at 220 for around 2hrs. Any leftovers get flaked, chopped, and mixed with cream cheese for the best bagel shmear I've had to date on a kosher salt bagel. Ok now I've gone and made myself hungry. Also I've yet to need to soak chips, and have noticed the first load burns quick, then subsequent loads burn nice and slow (I really only have used the AMNPS on longer smokes 4hrs+).

I've never used orange chips. I'm looking at the photos of those salmon fillets and imagining the flavors of that orange mixed with butter, lemon zest, brown sugar and that sprinkle of lemon pepper. I'm imagining that they tasted awesome. But then...then you hooked and reeled me in with that salmon shmear on a kosher salted bagel. I grew up on salted bagels with lox and those bagels remain my favorite to this day--they're just very hard to find in my area without pre-ordering them from a supermarket bakery first. YOU'RE hungry????? I'm going to try both your recipes.


When I was using wood chips in my MES 30 I soaked them a couple of times but found there was no difference between using them wet or dry. Soon after I switched to the AMNPS and wood pellets. Now I only use wood chips to throw on top off charcoal briquettes when I'm grilling in my Weber kettle grill.





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do not buy Own one and can not get parts

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I recently purchased a 20070411. This has the top domed controller. glass door and  RF control. It had wiring problem and Masterbuilt is replacing it.

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Reading about all these problems with recent MES 30 Gen 1 smokers makes me glad I haven't bought a new one. Mine is over 3 years old and still doing fine.

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Mine seems to be off to a good start. Only had it a couple months, though I'd say its getting close to paying for itself already. All the salmon talk got me inspired to do another one, so the orange chips are a burnin as we speak. Was gonna brine but the better half said she wanted it just the way it was last time. Also made a salmon cheese dip out of the last batch that got rave reviews so this 3lb filet is going on a plate, into cream cheese spread, and the time in a couple hours
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Yep. I love my MES. I'm sure sorry others are having problems, but its good to know MB has been pretty resposive to the issues.
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