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Hello from Hockeyville

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I had my first taste of brisket when my father in law returned from a Texas hunting trip.  This camp raised the beef and controlled the entire process.  I have tried a few times to get my brisket to fall apart but have not had any success.  With the holidays approaching I would love to make a brisket and take it to work for the Christmas party and wow everyone with it.


I have a Cajun electric smoker.  Looks like a college fridge.  It has a small opening that you drop the wood into.  It really keeps in the heat and since it is digitally controlled the temp stays pretty constant.


I have smoked a few briskets, but  never did a whole one.  I think 7lbs was my largest.  They turn out OK, but not fall apart tender.


So I am looking for advice on how to achieve that perfect brisket. 


In case you are not a hockey fan I live in Johnstown PA.  We one kraft hockeyville contest and won $150,000 for our hockey arena. This is where they shot the movie slapshot.  

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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on the site.
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As soon as I seen Hockeyville, I knew where you where from.

Welcome to the group.
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Hello neighbor, new member here from portage
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Big welcome from Hockeytown! As you are probably aware, Slapshot is a very popular movie around these parts.


If you want fall apart brisket, do a whole one or even just the "point". Odds are you were cooking the "flat" in the past. It's good but leaner and harder to get tender.

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A new meaning for"putting on the foil coach".
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Originally Posted by wimpy69 View Post

A new meaning for"putting on the foil coach".

That's Great!  battery-062.gif

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