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Hi from Germany!

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Hello everybody!


My name's Sandra from Germany and my husband ist part of a very successful German BBQ Team - BBQ Wiesel -, which will compete at The Jack in Tennessee and The World Food Championship in Orlando in the next weeks. Yes I'm very proud of each one in the team! <3 :)


My question is: is there by any chance a possibility to see the event or the awards ceremony by live stream? Are there any webcams? A lot of friends, fans and for sure family would love to see it!


I would be very very happy if anyone could post a link to webcams, ustream channels etc!


Thank you so much and excuse my bad english ;)


Kisses from Germany,

Sandra :icon_wink: 

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Hello.  I can not help but I wish the team GOOD LUCK.  Maybe someone else can help.  GOOD LUCK TEAM WIESEL!!

Your English is wonderful.  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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Hi Sandra. I do not know the answer but I will PM you with details of someone who may be able to help.

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Willkommen und wie geht es Ihnen?


After 3 years of german classes thats about all I remember! LOL Good luck to your hubby's team!

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Haha! Nice try! :D

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Hi Sandra,


Hope you and your husband will share some Q from Germany. And not just Q but food ideas, dishes.
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