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UDS ate my lunch

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Well I thought I was almost done with my build but then I kept reading (here) and found out I wasn't. I also thought I was doing a great thing by getting a food grade LINED barrel and found out I wasn't. I did the initial burn out and it lasted most of 1 day. I used 3/4 of a truckload of pallet wood, some nice 4x4s in there too. When the burn was done the outside was good. The next morning I checked the inside and it was looking pretty good and I thought what was in there was rust. HA! Ultimately the burn out got about 25% of the liner out. I wiped the inside down with oil then realized I needed to get the rest of that liner out. Soooooo ... yesterday I spent over 2 hours shoulder deep in the barrel with a sander and some dawn. Finally got it cleaned out but boy oh boy did I get filthy. I think I ruined my shirt. LOL I don't think those lined barrels are good for much more than making a burn barrel out of them.

Gonna get the charcoal basket built this weekend then we are SMOKIN'grilling_smilie.gif
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:ROTF  You are not the first one brother!  That liner is put in to STAY!  Glad you got it going your way now.  Hang in.  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks man! It's just good to be moving forward on it and not backwards. LOL
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I felt like (and looked like) a coal miner that had been trapped in a collapse after crawling in my barrel with a grinder to get the liner out (and I burned mine TWICE). I will never make that mistake again. Glad you got yours out and can keep the build going. 

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