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Smoker and Pizza Oven Build

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Hello, all. Im trying to put a lot of moving parts on my little pea brain. I'm attaching drawings for an outdoor kitchen idea that I have been mulling over. This is my I-want-it-all outdoor kitchen. No plumbing. Maybe some electrical. But for now just masonry. My primary uncertainty is building the smoker in correct proportions and having a good draw. I think I would economize a little if I could connect the smoker chimney to the pizza oven chimney. It would be a horizontal smoker with an offset firebox. The pizza oven will be from the Forno Bravo Pompeii oven plans I downloaded from their sight for a very reasonable $3.

It seems to me tha the smoker chimney will be long with not much rise by the time it connects to the pizza oven chimney. Any thoughts?

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I'd be leery of the draft in that set-up. Give the smoker it's own chimney so you'll have better control of both units.



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I was slowly coming to that conclusion. Thanks.

I'm also thinking that I should insulate the cooking chamber in a similar manner as the oven. do you think that would be overkill?
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I cook all winter here in NH in very cold temps with no insulation but it never hurts. Although in my six years in SoCal I think it 42 once.

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Thank you. I'm in Northern California, east of San Francisco about an hour. So, it's colder here than in SoCal. But if you wouldn't insulate it in NH, it's probably not worth the cost or the work. But the idea of stoking the fire less does have its appeal.

Are there any ratios that are helpful with regard to size of the firebox to the cooking chamber? I'm thinking that the cooking chamber will be 5 X 2 X 2. Would a 2 X 2 X 2 firebox be adequate? Or do I just not worry about it much and control it with a damper?
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I'm surprised no one had responded to your question. Yes, there are helpful ratios for sizing all the components of your smoker. Start plugging your numbers into the calculator below and you can be sure to get good results.

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Thank you very, very kindly. I was going to wing it based on ratios I made up myself from measuring my offset barrel smoker, but I feel much more comfortable with your input. Thank you again.
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Thanks, I  it appears I oversized everything. Very useful tool!

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We have a member who did a all in one unit.  A grill, pizza oven and smoker.   I've been away a while, can't seem to find his pictures.   It can be done,  I just don't have the know how.

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I want to thank you all for your help. Though I haven't completed the finish work, I have a fully functional brick grill/smoker/oven. The smoker turned out great, thanks to the calculator you pointed out to me.

The photo below shows the build as we are forming up the concrete counter. The cooking chamber is in the middle and the oven at the end. I have had nothing less than perfection with everything I cook in it.

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You're welcome! The picture looks like you've got a very interesting build going on there. Please post more pictures. I'd really like to see the final product. But even today's working product would be informative.


I have my nice masonry smoker, but would like to add a wood/propane grill, propane stove-top, sink and maybe a pizza oven. Still trying to form ideas........

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I first excavated laid gravel and rebar, and formed my footing. The longest edge is 22 feet.
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Then I raised the concrete block wall, laid rebar every 2 blocks horizontally and vertically. I filled the core with concrete--every core. Some plans alternate cores, I like to sleep easy at night.
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I formed up my floors for the oven (note the column in the middle), the grill, and the coking chamber for the smoker.
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I filled the form with concrete for strength, then mixed perlite with cement to insulate hot surfaces. This is the grill area. Firebrick went directly on top of this. For the oven, I used some higher tech insulation (ceramic board and an insulating silicon/cement product.
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I decided to use Alan Scott's Bread Builders design for the oven. I am very pleased and glad that I switched from the Forno Bravo pizza oven design.
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This is shaping up to be quite a build!!



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Here we are staring the cooking chamber for the smoker. I lucked out. My cousin married a mason. Once he saw my project, I couldn't keep him away from it. He was of tremendous help.
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We poured a concrete counter. We glued fiberglass I dilation to the edge of the form to give a textured edge. Once we pulled the forms, we brushed the insulation off with wire brushes, and what little did not come off, we burned off with a torch.
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I polished the concrete counter with a wet grinder, then applied epoxy for the finish. I still have to apply the final coat of stucco (acrylic to keep the oven from soaking up water), apply the stone veneer to the concrete block walls, and extend the patio to the edge of the reveal. I had steel plate doors and a grill fabricated to fit. I will try to get a picture from the business side of the build so you can see it from that angle.
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