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Sealing a Smoker

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I got a new offset smoker but have not assembled it yet because I want to seal any potential leaks like between the firebox and the smoker. Any suggestions on a food safe hi temp sealant or gasket?

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I answered this yesterday but It seems I can't include links to products, so I'll try and make this a little more generic in my answer


I used a flat fiberglass stove/fireplace gasket with a 2000 degree sealant. Be sure to scuff up the area with a scotchguard type scrubber and cure the adhesive in accordance with the recommendations of the maker. For the doors I used a Lavalock high temp nomex self sticking tape. Those items will seal most everything up. You can search Google for the products. They are readily available from numerous sources. Any further information that you would like please PM me.

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