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food allergies

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Can anyone tell me if it is safe to smoke fish with pork ribs? I'm smoking steel head trout and want to add rids to the smoker. Will the oils or proteins transfer from one to the other? 

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I guess it depends on the smoker. Do you have plenty of room to separate the meats? Will they be stacked vertically? 

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I've got the Brinkman smoker and the grilles are stacked vertically. There is about 6" of separation.

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Majority of my real smoking experience is with the vertical ECB, (Brinkman). Put the fish on the top rack and ribs below. If put on at same time, fish will be done first so easier to take off. Ribs might drip fat onto fish if they were on top, but thinking now that might taste good. LOL. Good luck. I always hated babysitting my ECB. But after a few mods, it worked pretty good. Have fun and good smoking.
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If there are Fish Allergies, you are really best off smoking separately. Beyond one dripping on the other, there is a possibility of handling, equipment and tool cross-contamination just trying to cook and serve. My middle daughter has a mild allergy where eating seafood or my cooking with Anchovy, Fish Sauce or Oyster Sauce upsets here stomach...But I have dealt with customers where ANY contact with seafood and they are reaching for an Epipen! Be Safe...JJ

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Thanks Chef.

 I did smoke them together as an experiment with the fish on the bottom rack. I could taste fish on the meat so I would not do it again, separate is safest.

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