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Short ribs 2 ways

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I've bean seeing a lot here lately about short ribs and just had to try them. To get an uncut 4 bone slab I had to order them and have been trying all week to decide how to do them.
What I came up with is to cut into 2 pieces and prepare 2 different ways.
One 2 bone piece got slathered with thick wooshy and SPOG and soaked for 3 hours and the other just got kosher salt, course pepper and a little garlic powder right on the meat.

Put them in at 8:45am. It's only 37 degrees out, but we're smoking! I'm using Hickory chips and Ash chunks, BTW.
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IT is at 183 at 1:00.
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Those look nice , how much were they a pound ? Out of site here ...
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The same here, Old School. $6 something a lb.You're looking at a $29 piece of meat, and roughly half of it bones. Beef is just unbelievable in your and my neck of the woods. Heck, if I see grnd chuck for under $4 a lb. I stock up! This was a splurge because I really wanted to try it. If I crash and burn I'm going to eat it anyway...
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OK, I'm a happy camper. They were ready to come out at 5:00. I didn't realise short ribs could " stall ". They can!
Frankly I don't see much difference between the two preps.

They both taste great. Waiting now to see what kind of sides the Mrs. comes up with. So happy I didn't crash & burn.:sausage:yahoo:
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Ok I clicked the little dancing sausage thingy and got "sausage:yahoo". So much for that stuff.
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