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BBQ Novice - but in love with good food

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Hey gang, I am a big fan of Big Bob Gibson and Chris Lilly - but alas I have no skills to replicate their grub. Big issue I have today is I passed out mid-smoke last night with a Pork Butt on the smoker - lost temp in the smoker I was good at 3:30 cruising at 225, with a fresh batch of coal in the smoker - but by 6 heat was gone - I immediately got it back up - but feel like the meat never got up to a good temp during that time - start the smoke at 1am.


Suggestions?? Currently at 150 internal - aiming for 195.


Ia this pork butt toast or am I still good??


I am in Toronto so those of you in KC and Royal fans don't hold it against me !



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Wished I seen this post earlier.  How'd it turn out?  Oh and by the way...

Welcome to the forum new Friend! 


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Welcome from SC, Hunter. I can't say anything about your cook. It would take more information. But, I would probably toss it with the info that we do have.

Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe
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