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Left over "stuff" turned into chili (Frito pie actually)

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Looked in the freezer a couple of days ago and noticed I had some left over ground pork and some left over ground beef from one of my last sausage makings.  I mentioned making a meatloaf, and the bride yelled out; "CHILI"!


So, with the meat thawed out in the frig, I made chili last night.  Oh, this is smoking related, I'll get there!


The ground meats weren't smoked, but the chipotles were, the cheese was, the salt used was smoked, and the chili powder was made from some peppers I smoked late last winter...


Not a lot to say, just some pictures to make folks wish they were at the house last night...


Chili before I added the tomato sauce


The rest of the meal all plated up!



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CB that looks  filling to me,I do almost the same cheese nips. Now I want chilli LOL



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Richie, it was good last night, but after being refrigerated overnight, and reheated tonight, OMG!

Love making my chili!

I use homemade bacon to get the grease to fry half the onions, bell peppers, and garlic. Then I chop the bacon into fine little bits and add to the chili pot. Makes for a great flavor!
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Nice job CB!  I love chili, but never think to make it.  Thanks for the inspiration.



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If ya don't think it will ya a coronary it ain't good Frito pie!


That's a good lookin pie right there.


Have ya tried a Loaf? Swap the Fritos for French fries.... same thing !! ZOMG!!

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Looks great! This Yankee never had Frito Pie so I am going to give it a shot. Any special Ingredients in your Chili? I do enjoy my version of a Cincinnati 5 Way. Spaghetti, Chili, Ranch Beans, Onion/Cilantro Blend and enough Cheddar Cheese to annoy my Cardiologist...JJ

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Nothing too special JJ.  


Just the usual stuff...  Mine changes each time I make it.  Sometimes I use all beef, or all pork, even all venison when I have it in the freezer.  The ingredients stay the same for the most part, onion, bell peppers, chipotles, oregano, and other spices...


Hmm, chili over fries, yep, that's a winner!

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Hey CB.... Fritos in chili is excellent.... Good job..... icon14.gif
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Nothing better to dip Fritos in than chili! Looks great!
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My favorite use for leftover pulled pork!
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Now that looks so good it is not right to call it leftovers. That is just good food.



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