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Wow, here I am Smoking a single rack of ribs lol. Looks great!
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Looking tasty!
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Awesome smoke. Everything looks great. 18 racks of ribs takes up a lot of room.. Did they all fit. Any finished pics



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Great progress and looking good.

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Looks great!
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Briskets came out the best. Learned I can't put ribs on the fire box end or maybe a closer eye on them would have served me better. Brisket was gone before I knew it. icon_eek.gif
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Awesome job PF!





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Never did so many ribs before. First time trimming for a St Louis cut, that was quite a task. Ran out of room with all the riblets. Just added a 2nd set of grates last week gave the smoker a total of 20 sq'.
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That's a pretty large looking clan meeting.


Well done!

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That Brisket looks great and that is big smoke.Thanks for sharing




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Looks like a great cook! A full smoker is a happy smoker. 

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Good golly! That's a big crew to cook for! Brisky looked tasty!
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Thanks you all for the complements, it was fun.:yahoo:

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That was a labor of love and looks like you pulled it off! Good Man!!
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