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My First Beef Ribs

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So I finally decided to smoke some beef ribs.  Not the little short riblets you buy in the supermarket that barely have any meat on them but the real man-sized ribs I see on tv.


Went to my local Restaurant Depot and got a couple racks of Angus plate ribs, doused them with some Worcestershire sauce and rubbed them up with a good amount of Holy Cow BBQ Rub from Meat Church.


That's two 3-bone racks you see. One leaning on top of the other.


I set my MES to 230 degrees and loaded up some hickory chips and let her roll.  I put each rack in an aluminum pan and also had a pan with some water in it.  I was trying to get them to an IT of about 200 degrees but after about 8.5 - 9 hours they stalled at 170.  I was worried about ruining all that beautiful, expensive beef so I started probing for tenderness and my probe was going in really easily. I decided to pull them and wrap the pan in foil and let them rest for about an hour.






Turned out to be some of the best beef I have ever eaten. Tender, super juicy and that rub was amazing.  I have used Meat Church's Honey Hog rub on pork butts and the color and flavor is outstanding.The family loved them and I took a rib to a co-worker 3 days later and he raved about them.  I am calling this one a success!

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Nice , drool.gif , Dino Bones are great , but a bit to expen$ive for me . I'll have to stick with the little bones . frown.gif

but keep sending your Q-view of them , I enjoy looking .

(I need to try to talk SWMBO into getting a rack like that ! Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif)
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Those look great!
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Bump your temp up to about 250-275 you won't have to worry about the stall to much.
Nice job for your first time.
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Thanks everyone!  I think the only thing that comes close to the feeling of eating good bbq is cooking good bbq and seeing people enjoy what you cooked.

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