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First time Smokin Tri-tips

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Smokin meat family its been a couple weeks since I posted any cooks, over the weekend I smoked a couple Tri-tips for the first time. Quick break down the Tri-tips weighted almost 3lbs a piece did the basic trimmed down the hard fat that wouldn't render down along with most of the silver skin. Dry rub I used was black pepper, sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, some red cayanne pepper. Also used a wet glaze of melted butter and garlic powder for the last 30 mins of the smoke. Looking to hold the smoker temps around 200-225 degrees and looking for the internal temperature at 145 degrees then I'll wrap them in alum foil for 15 mins. Look at the pictures below and tell what you think. Not sure why the pictures didn't load up in order!

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Looks good! Tri-tip is my favorite!
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Those look tasty! I prefer to go more med rare but to each there own its a tasty cut of meat! Maybe try a reverse sear next time,amazing smoke ring as well. I never wrap TT to rest just let it sit on the cutting board for 5-10 min. Hopefully you can get them for a good price there so easy and deliciously addictive!
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Great looking Tri tip! I'll be smoking one tonight.
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They look great but I have to agree with b-one with the med rare doneness. You can expect a 5+ degree rise in temp after you pull them from the heat. If you want a target temp of 145, then maybe look to pull them at 138 or so. Don't rush that rest either, it is super important with whole meats.. 

Tri tips are one of my top three meats..

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