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Hello from Western NY

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Greetings fellow smokers!

 Have been smoking for a couple of years now. Tried a few smokes on my little propane grill with moderate success, but my neighbor wasn't having it LOL - he bought me a Brinkman (ECB) and I've been hooked ever since. When I look for recipes or help, I always favored search results that led me here. When the wife bought me Jeff's book it really started to blossom - going from acceptable BBQ to Epic! Made mods to the ECB and built an Ugly Drum Smoker with the assistance of the local Mead Maker here in Medina. Now I smoke just to give it away at work (Pride is bad) and get feedback. Maybe some day I'll even compete.


It's good to be here :sausage: 

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Happy you joined us!  I've been smoking for a couple of years also.  It has been extremely rewarding, and SMF just makes it so much better.



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