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Hello all! I'm excited to be on this forum. Smoking has become a big interest of mine from talking to other fellow employees of where I work. My name is Cooper. I live in US, more specifically, Utah in the Salt Lake Valley. My user name, OquirrhMtnSmokr (Oquirrh Mountain Smoker (Oquirrh is an old Native American word pronounced OH-ker)) comes from the mountains that are on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley. I currently don't have a smoker, but I want to built a reverse flow smoker with a warming cabinet. I'm in the process of obtaining a length of 36" pipe. I've just started into the world of grilling and the like. ..... that's me  :biggrin:


I can make some pretty good stuffed burgers.... :drool    :first:

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Welcome to the forum Cooper!  Good luck with that smoker build.



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