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St Louis Rib smoke with Q-view

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I decided to throw on 2 racks of st louis ribs on this weekend, here's what I did and the results were pretty good. If I could change anything I would spray them more after the bark starts hardening, there were a few spots where the meat was dried out on the outside, but tender on the inside so I am happy with the results. I cooked with oak and some cherry.


1 hour before putting on ribs I start my fire with lump coal and some wood


Rub (I double this amount)

2.5-Tbsp Brown sugar
1/4-Tbsp Salt
1/4-Tbsp Garlic powder
1/4-Tbsp 1/4 Tbsp Cumin
1-Tbsp cajun seasoning
1/4 Tbsp Dry mustard
1/4 Tbsp Pepper



1. remove silver skin, cut off large strips of fat I know won't render

2. cover lightly in yellow mustard

3. evenly apply rub

4. put in smoker at 250 degrees

5. after 2 hours spray with apple cider vinegar and water mixture every half hour

6. after about 3 1/2 to 4 hours, pull off smoker, rub in butter, wrap in foil

7. put back in smoker for 2 1/2 hours

8. pull from smoker, apply bbq sauce of your choice (I used sweet baby rays) and put back on smoker with no more wood on fire

9. let sit in smoker while it rests for 1 hour

10. pull, cut and serve immediately








after 2 hours:



apply butter:




Add bbq sauce and back on for an hour:



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Very nice looking ribs! The last ribs I did were good but I found things I want to tweek a little as well. Im still working on getting good consistent temps. Getting there though! Once again, VERY nice looking ribs! 

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Great, detailed post!  The ribs look delicious...nicely done!  I'd tear into some of those!




A job well done!



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