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New smoker here from West, TX. In South Fort Worth now for work. I play music every weekend on the side and just got a starter smoker for my birthday. Brinkmann vertical smoker. I ordered the mod. Kit that others on here suggested and put it all together. No problems. The chamber door sealed really nice, and for now decided to leave the door latches alone. I've just fired it up for the first time to season it and no smoke at all leaking from smoke chamber door or anywhere it shouldn't be except for the top cap. It is leaking like a freight train around the top rim of the smoker. I'll look at it closer to see if I can stop that. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Glad to be here! RR
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Smokin RR, welcome to SMF!  Sounds like the new toy is just about ready to flavorized some meat.  Also sounds like a little high temp sealant will take care of your leak issues. 


Keep us posted on what meat you throw in it for the inaugural smoke.  Pics are fun too, what we call Q-Views. 


Have fun!

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Thanks. I will give the high temp sealant a try. I plan on putting the first meat in this next Tuesday. I'm working nights this month with Tuesday nights off. Tuesday nights will be smoking nights for the month of October. Thanks again.
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