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holding ribs

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Potluck at work, originally scheduled for the beginning of the shift. Plan was to smoke 4 racks of ribs in the drum before going in, wrap them in foil and towels, and hold them in a cooler. No problem, right?


I found out today the schedule has changed and the meal has been moved back 4 hours to the middle of the shift. Soooo... The only option for reheating is to nuke them, and that ain't gonna happen if I can figure out a way to keep them hot for 4 hours. I have kept packers and butts for 6-8 hours with no issues, but I'm not sure the ribs have the mass for that to work. Thoughts?


I also have a roaster oven (I think it's a 22 quart). I'm wondering if I can foil them and keep them warm in that? Just it at a low temp and keep the lid on? Maybe a wet towel on the bottom to keep moisture in?


Any advice would be appreciated.



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Rap good put them in a small cooler but one they fit in well. If you can find some good grade hot packs packed around them will help hold the heat with out drying them out. Good luck
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I would cook them just shy of done (like 20-30 minutes from being done), then refrigerate them and reheat them in the roaster. That way they don't overcook when you reheat them. 

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If the oven goes low enough, 150, you can hold them that way. Or heat a couple of clean Bricks to 200°F. That will give the extra mass...JJ

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