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Catering questions from newbee

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I am building a trailer with dual smokers and a large grill santa maris style.

I want to park it on the street and start selling SMOKED ribs and briskets and pulled pork sandwich. Kinf of like the food truck.

What do I need to start? Do I need a license or permit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Javier M

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Welcome...Nice looking rig. This info varies by State. Basically you need a Biz License, Tax ID, a Million dollar Insurance policy, a Health Inspection, Food Safety Certification, a separate Commisary/Cooking Facility, some states require you prep and precook food some place separate from the truck you finish and sell from. There are often separate City Permits, Parking Permits and more. Being in Cali, there may be a whole bunch of permits just to run the smoker, the EPA has a big influence when it comes to filling the air with smoke. Some cities restict Food Truck Zoning to certain areas or you pay Rent to a property owner to park the truck. The two sites below are Cali Food Truck Regulations and the Cali Food Truck Association. Both will have specific details on what applies in your local. Good Luck. If it was easy and cheap there are some 100,000 guys at SMF that would be selling Great Q from their front porch...I know I would...:439:...JJ

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