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Smoke with Ash?

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A fellow down the road mills wooden stakes for construction use and has piles of off-cuts 2"x 2" around a foot long which I've acquired a pile of to use for fireplace kindling. I was wondering if Ash is any good for smoking. I figured I could cut into 1" or 2" slices and use them like chunks in my Masterbuilt. Anyone used Ash?

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Looks good to use to me.

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Thanks for the link, c farmer! I should have known there would be something on the site if I tried a search! I may work a few pieces in on that rack of short ribs I've been planning for the weekend....

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do to the emrald ash boaer`s larva there has been a ample supply of ash here in the center of the known BBQ universe (SOUTH CENTRAL OHIO) halve used gobs of ash in my LANG has nice mellow flaver good heat burn time is comparable to hickory not overly smokey

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