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excited GA newb here

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Greetings from the ATL burbs.
I just bought an MES 30 from Amazon before I found this site. I'm pleased to see that its fairly popular. I've been lurking to mostly find tips on venison, but am super excited to try all kinds of stuff. I'm an avid hunter in Elbert County, GA for those familiar with the area, and had a great season last year (6 deer down). I have tons of meat in the freezer, and plan to take a couple more in the next couple weeks (already got some good tips for prep as I process all my own meat). I made some sausage last year on the grill, but was obviously disappointed in the results. Roasts in the crock have always been my favorite, but I cant wait to smoke them for a change. I'm an environmental technician, so I travel constantly, but was able to season the smoker Sunday after hunting and before venturing back out of town. Firearms opening is Saturday morning, so the plan is to try to bag one with the x-bow friday (to give to some family members), and another with the 7mm rem mag Satuday. I generally allow 3 days aging per 100 lbs, and plan to try the buttermilk bath before trying my hand at some bacon wrapped roast and tenderloin next week. If luck isn't on my side this weekend I'll thaw some out from last year just to try my luck in the MES.

Thanks to everyone here for the pages and pages of useful info. I still have tons more to read.

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Welcome to the site Steve.  Congratulations on your new smoker.  I look forward to seeing the results of some of your smokes.


Good luck with your upcoming hunt.

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 Welcome to the forum, Steve. I'm glad you are so enthusiastic. 

 I hope you enjoy your MES as much as I do mine.



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Thanks guys, here's some of what I had processed early last season. Jerky is another item I'll try if I can bring myself to abandon my dehydrater
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