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Cheddars / Jack with Qview

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Smoked three types of Cheddar and one Monterrey Jack this weekend:


Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar - 2lbs


Tillamook Medium Sharp Cheddar- 2lbs


Tillamook Monterrey Pepper Jack- 2lbs


SC Daily Chef Sharp Cheddar- 5lbs


Cheese Log:


Sliced and ready:


I use an AMZNPS with apple, and the Creative Smokealator X52 (more to come) for a cold smoke generator piped up to a MES30 box.


I shoot for color instead of a specific time, put this in at 8am with an ambient air temp of 60F and a smoker temp of 65-70F. By noon it was 85F air temp with a 75F and rising smoker temp, so I pulled the cheese racks and put them in a cool room.


Rested the cheese for about 6-8 hrs and then back in the smoker for another 2hrs after the sun went down.


Really came out with a beautiful bronze apple smoke color.


I did try several samples today after an overnight rest and it turned out amazing.


Into the fridge today for a quick rest and vacuum pack for a 4 week mellowing. The samples did have a delicious smoke rind and was not bitter at all.


All vac packed up for storage.




Thanks for looking and happy smokin!


John - Montana

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Great color on the cheese!
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Nothing better than smoked Tillamook! Pepper jack is out favorite! Just cut into a two year old block of it and it is fantastic!
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Nice. Getting to be cheese time here
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RHD, looks scrumptious!

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John can't wait to see how much better that looks.Wish we had that cheese this side of the USA


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Dang it man that looks good, Nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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