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I have a CharBroil electric vertical smoker. I have tried various wood chips with good success except for Cherry. For some reason it will not smoke. I have to take it out of the wood chip holder and dump it right on the electric heating element. Any suggestions? (usual smoking temp is 250 deg. F.  The cherry chips are small (almost like big splinters) so I am thinking they should work.  Should I not soak them before using?

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There is no need to soak wood chips prior to smoking. cherry is harder oro get to smolder than other woods. Sometimes you need to mix in some other type of wood to get it going.
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I use cherry from time to time. A little more subtle than my usual hickory.

Like DS said, don't bother soaking them.



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Thanks for the tips guys.

I was following some instructions that came with the smoker that said soak the wood for about an hour.

I tried smoking some chicken breasts with cherry today without soaking the wood and it worked great.

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