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Pork Butt Heaven

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Picked up an 8-1/2 pound pork shoulder on the way home from work Friday afternoon. Rubbed it down with Jeff's Texas Rub recipe, into the fridge overnight, then cherry wood for the smoke & into the smoker at 8:00 am Saturday. It finished at 11:30 pm, then wrapped up tight & into the old reliable Coleman cooler. Still nice & warm at 6:30 this morning. Out of the Coleman, unwrapped & back on the smoker @ 250 degrees for about an hour just to crisp up the bark a bit more.

Out came the bone & the pulling began. Now all ready for some pulled pork sandwiches & football Sunday. Had some with bisquits, fried taters, eggs, & coffee for breakfast! Now that was good!

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That PP looks GOOD.  Was it as moist as it looks?



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Nice looking pork!  Thanks for sharing.  :drool



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Yes sir it was really moist. Divided up what was left into two sandwich portions & vacuum sealed them & into the freezer for another time.
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Nice job on the PP looks tasty


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That looks great.  There are fewer things in cooking more satisfying than that bone sliding out of a butt.  Not sure if that sounds psychotic or perverted but you all know what I mean hahaha  Great smoke!

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Looks great!
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