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Montana Texan.

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Hello everyone, I am the proud owner of a new MES 40 2.5 blue tooth capable. I finished putting it together and it is in the break in heat cycle right now. I thought I might run up to the store and grab some meat so I can get up early tomorrow and try it out. I know there is a ton of stuff on here so i will do some searching asap. Thanks in advance.

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Well it has begun! I picked up some chicken thighs and a nice rump roast, rubbed them down last nite and left them in the fridge until this morning and got things started at 250 degrees for 2 hours and then dropped the temps down to 200. I used to try to keep the temp around 180 in my old smoker, is that where i should try to stay with this mes 40?

 I will continue to search for some basic guidlines in this forum but it anyone wants to give me a basic idea of what and how to get this first smoke done without screwing it up or overcooking it i would appreciate it.

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got it done and everything was ok, Chicken really turned out great and the rump roast was good enough, I need to figure out what type of beef cuts work better.

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Welcome to the group!  I've never smoked below 225 so I can't help you with that.  I've never smoked a rump either, but I can't see why it wouldn't be good!  Glad it turned out well.



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Welcome to the site Rick.  I don't smoke anything below 225* or so, except cheese or cured meat like bacon.


The rump roast might well have been too lean to cook to more than around 135* internal temp.


You might want to give a Chuck roast a try.  Just do a search for Chuck roast and the results should give you all the info you need for a successful smoke.

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I have no experience with the MES smokers, so I couldn't give an answer as to the temperatures. In my WSM, I usually stay around or above 225 for almost everything except chicken. There are many others on this site that smoke using much higher temperatures than I do. It's more of a personal preference and for time management.



I've never tried a rump roast. It may be a little too lean and could dry out, if even slightly over cooked. I would give a pork butt(shoulder) a try. It's very forgiving and can turn out great using a variety of smoking methods.




Have fun!!!

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In my MES I smoke chickens at 275 takes about 3 hours or so I go to IT in the breast of 165 in the thighs 175 then I put the chicken on a hot gas grill for a few minutes skin down to crisp it up. That's how I do it. Butts I do at 225 till I get to an IT of 160 or so then wrap and take it to 205
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Thank you everyone, I will try some of the suggestions and report my results. I grabbed a brisket flat at wallyworld today so I am going to attempt a rub mix and let it sit for a day in the fridge. If anyone has ever had Rudys BBq in San Antonio or elsewhere and knows of a homemade rub that is like that feel free to post it....that stuff is what started me smoking and I love anything they make! Thanks again for the suggestions and keep them coming!

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