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Curing Bacon

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So I have already followed a recipe that was posted on the forums using MTQ and it turned out great.  I want to try a few different methods and curing techniques.  I have now found a recipe that uses kosher salt with no cure.  I have a 4 lb belly and used the following ratios: 1 c kosher salt, 1/2 c brown sugar, 4 tsp garlic powder and 4 tsp onion powder and let it sit for 7 days.  My question with this recipe is; can this be truly cured and if not will a hot smoke be sufficient?  I get a little nervous when reading all the posts by the old hats here warning of botulism.  I do not want to take a chance for my family.  Any help is appreciated.

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It will not be cured and you will have salt pork belly..
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What Dave said.
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Rog, thats what I was worried about.  Just after I posted the question I pulled it out rinsed it off and started from scratch with the MTQ recipe.  Thanks for the response.

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The salt and sugar will partially cure the bacon by removing some of the moisture and increasing the salinity in the meat. Without the Nitrite though you will not get the full microbiological protection and so should still treat it as if it is fresh meat regarding handling and storage. 

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