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Winter Pulled Pork

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It is a beautiful morning sit outside with some coffee and fire up the smoker.

Smoking a pork butt to pull today. Most of it is going to get froze for chili this winter. Had it on for about a half hour right now. Going to throw some beef on later today for dinner.
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About 12 hours in. I'm adding my third batch of, and bottom of my last bag of, charcoal. Sitting outside after another Husker lose nursing my sorrows with some beer.
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Finally pulled the stubborn SOB at 14 hours and 190 degrees. Letting it rest in the cooler for a little bit before pulling it.
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Cant wait to see the finished product. Hopefully it was worth the wait.
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Sometimes they just get cantankerous and won't cooperate.



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Its because no one ever takes the time to teach the pigs to tell time. I'm telling ya they are smart enough to grasp it, we are just too lazy.


It would make cooking pork so much easier!


That's one of the things I tell myself I miss about firebreathers, that early morning quiet cup of spiced coffee or the late night trip to the smoker with some distilled juices. Its just so peaceful, then I remember the rain, nats and mosquitos.


I'm watch'n.

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Nice looking pork! But you still have some time before winter!biggrin.gif
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Nice Duffman!  I drink with my smoker too!  Coffee in the AM n a few cold ones during the rest of the smoke.  It is a great way to spend the day!



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Looks like you had a great plan except for you teams loss,,, Damn it!! Well our Cougars Beat the Oregon Ducks,, Life was good till Seachickens screwed up... 


I am sure you will have some fine chili this winter


A full smoker is a happy smoker 




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