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Weekend brisket

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Took a mental health day today so put the Costco prime brisket I got a month or so ago on the PG500.

Also went to the local brewery and got a Rye Sasion for the Southern Miss Game in 20 mins. Put some polish sausage on to eat during the game. Will let the brisket finish up then put into the fridge tonight and separate i5 tomorrow and slice the flat while doing burnt ends with the point.

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7 hours in. Rubbed with just Salt and pepper.
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Looking good,looking forward to some burnt ends!
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Will be watching....:beercheer: Hey it's Friday



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Sliced the brisket and cut up the point this morning

Just mixed the ends with rub and BBQ sauce and back on the smoker for a hour or two
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Looking good!
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Nice smoke!  could you tell that it was prime?  I've only cooked select and choice.



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Nice job, and great price on that prime!


I've purchased prime sirloin at Costco for the grill, and yes, there was definitely a huge difference. Most tender sirloin I've ever had.

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