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Smoked Polish

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Just got done with 25 lbs of Polish.  I kept about 6 lbs fresh and smoked the rest.  I used a local vendor's spice mix and cure, but I had to doctor it up with 3 tbls of whole mustard seed, 3 tbls CBP, 2 tbls granulated onion, 2 tbls granulated garlic and 2 tbsl majoram.


Enjoy the BBQ Qview.



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Looks great from here and the moisture looks spot on.
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Dang it man!!!! Thems there some mighty fine lookin snausages - Juicy lookin too :points:


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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thats some nice looking polish dogs there. great job.


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Fine looking sausage, mfreel.





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good looking dogs, points1.png


 I can just picture those wrapped in some good kraut..:biggrin:


Keep on Smokin,



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