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"Smoke" Setting (Traeger)

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It is entirely possible that this is a stupid question...


What is the smoke setting for? There is the shut down cycle, there are the obviously often referenced temperature settings... What is smoke for? I googled it and all I got was Traeger telling me that they're famous for it. I'd like a more detailed answer if anyone has one? When is it best to use it? What is its magical power?

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Smoke is a lower temperature setting for the smoke flavor, low and slow cooking. When doing ribs, or a butt (pork shoulder) or a brisket you want a temperature of around 225 degrees (low and slow like a crock pot) and smoke production for the flavor. You don't want high heat and flame when you are smoking food.  See if these help:




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtemWX0r_hQ  (see the 2 minute mark, maybe 2:15 for a quick explanation of smoke setting).




Good luck

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Thank you for the links. :) My confusion lays in the temperature settings, I guess. My temperature knob goes all the way down to 180* which is as low as I've ever had recommended. According to that first link, the smoke setting should be selected when turning on the smoker first thing. However, I've skipped that step completely with the same results. 


I was making some pork chops last night and they cooked faster than I had anticipated so I used "smoke" to sort of pause them for a half an hour. 

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Just remember the Traeger is a unit that grills and smokes rather than just a dedicated smoker. 

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