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cajun bandit

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Is anyone familiar with this?  I would like to get one for my UDS

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I have seen them around but never used one. It might not work on a UDS since a Weber kettle is 1/2" smaller. 

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I am finding that out as Chris Perres ,  from the Cajun bandit co has emailed me to say that the inside of his unit is about 22 7/8"...the outside of my barrel is 23 3/8"   Any sugestions for hooking up a rotisserie?  Sacrificial weber kettle? Metal band on the inside lip?

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My current plan is another drum. That way I can just move my charcoal basket to another drum and use the same lid but I don't have to cut additional holes in my UDS. You can get a universal rotisserie for around $50. I have the new drum but have yet to start the build. 

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