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Electric Pressure Cooker

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I just bought an electric pressure  cooker with buttons for diff items being cooked. It does have a button for canning. I have the wire bottom canning rack also.


Anyone got any good canning tips?

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Always keep a case of cup, pint, and quart jars with additions lids and rings. AND a bag of sugar. Much easier to get the jellies made that way. Fruit turns quick.


Of all the BS things sold, you'll need a copy of the "Ball Blue Book" its the bible for canning. The handy tools include the jar holder, the collapsible funnel,


Most important is the "Ball Blue Book" it will teach you everything AND keep you safe and happy.

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Bride cans Chow-chow... it's good on everything....
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DaveOmak could you get your bride to share her chow=chow recipe?    

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Originally Posted by whistech View Post

DaveOmak could you get your bride to share her chow=chow recipe?

Above is Dirts thread on making it... Brides is the same... vegetables can change, a few of the spices can change... AND she changes hers every batch.... she never, ever makes anything the same twice..... the one constant is salt the veggies to draw out the water and rinse well.... you get crisp veggies if you do that... ...

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