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You don't have to hang deer to age!

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It will age just fine on it's back if necessary! For all you early season deer hunters if you have an old chest or stand up freezer & you get one of these         (          )  you will turn your old freezer into a very roomy refrigerator. I have been using on myself for several seasons in an old side by side refrigerator that I cut the dividing wall from ( which made it roomier but turned it to a freezer ) & aging deer is much less of a hassle not that I don't care how warm it gets outside. It can also be used with an air conditioner & a well insulated room to create a walk in cooler.

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Cool when I was a kid ( many moons ago ) we hanged our deer in the barn ( so the wild life could not get to it) it was cold enough then that u could do that for 2 or 3 days no problem. But know it just don't get that cold long anymore. Oh well part of living in MS. Lol I am going to try this
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I'm no youngster myself, & the last thing I wanted was to lose a deer to a hot day after busting my butt to get it home. Wiring was very easy, I cut a short heavy duty extension cord in half & put the control between. You can set the on off diff. to any spread within 10 degrees if memory serves. I can hang 2- adult doe or small racked bucks side by side in my box. I must only remove the lower legs at the knees. If I had the space to spare I would build & insulate a plywood walk in & use an air conditioner. Many plans on the net. Also if you need help with basic wiring search the control on you tube. Many vids.

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Thanks looking in to it now
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i don't age deer at all,in archery season in pa. if i get one i skin it,bone in out except for hind legs i save them to brine and smoke for hams and freeze all the meat the same day,in rifle season when i get them early i do them the same day,if it's late in the day i'll hang over night,when i thaw the meat to cook i'll soak it in salt water a couple hours to get some of the blood out.

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Not bad the controller on Amazon only $45. But not primed will have to pay shipping dang. Lol. Now all I have to do is find a refer. Not going to use my meat curing frig. Thanks for the heads up
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