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Heat advice.

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I am in the middle of building my smoker and it's going fairly well just thought I'd something today. How long is it gonna take to get this bad boy up to temp. I only ask because it's made of 3/8's pipe and is 52" long. I'm curious if anyone else has a smoker this thick and how it works. Here's a pic of progress so far.
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3/8" is thick, but it is not the thickest thing I've ever seen. The other side of your problem.... once it gets hot, it will stay hot.

Me, I would have been scared of proceeding as far as you have without capping the ends. You need that diaphragm sometimes to keep that pipe round. It'll egg on you quick
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[IMG]You're right I kept an eye on that as I proceeded. Ends are all on now and she is 3/4 done with no egging. I just wanted to get all the inside angle welded before I put them on. I'm just a little afraid it's gonna take over an hour to heat up I know it'll keep it but getting it there in another thing. Here are some fresher picks. Thanks for the input I'll remember that if I do this again.
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Looks good. I've got a much smaller offset built with rolled 3/16", and it takes 30 minutes to get her ready to cook. It'll get hot quick. Actually too hot. It takes a 1/2 hour to get her into overdrive.
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Roger that. I may take it for a maiden voyage next week and we'll really find out!! I am stoked man!
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An hour should be no problem. That gives you time to prep your meat, rub it and have everything ready. Start that fire really big and back into your cook temp. Let your smoker run where it's comfortable. So far it looks great.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe.grilling_smilie.gif
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Thanks for the info I'll do that. 👍
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One thing I've learned... each smoker has its own personality. They are like unborn children when they are under construction. Once you build that first fire, you'll finally understand what you've created, and you'll know where you were right and where you were wrong.
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I am looking forward to the things I did bad... As well as hopefully the things that the obsession I have have tought me. Either way it's gonna be a great journey. The best!!
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