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smoking meat indoors

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Has anyone ever done any smoking in an indoor fireplace? I live in a townhome that doesn't offer any personal outdoor space for me to operate a smoker, but my unit does have a great fireplace. I'm wondering whether a small smoker could be operated in a way that would create enough draft so that the chimney would exhaust all the smoke. Alternatively, I wonder if anyone knows of any electrical smokers on the market that have active exhaust systems that I could pipe out a window or up my chimney? Thoughts?

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Man this sounds like a great idea. I would watch it closely though so it doesn't burn down your house. Also, when you open the door, your room will fill with smoke.

If it's easy to test out first, I would be curious to hear if it works. But I wouldn't plan on it and buy equipment with the assumption that it would. Too risky.
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There is nothing other than the tiny Emson Pressure smoker that is designed for indoor use. Some guys have set up Masterbuilt electrics venting out a wall and installed a big hood to vent smoke when they opened the door. But that won't suit an apartment. There is no active exhaust . I was in a similar situation and was looking at in-line fans for bathroom ducts that suck out moisture. This may be an option. Turn on the fan and crack the door when needed. Your biggest obstacle will be fire and insurance regulations in an apartment complex...JJ

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Camerons smoker they are not big,but they do work.



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The fireplace works on the premise of heat rises, thus the draw up the chimney. I wouldn't expect there too be an effective enough draw to reliably carry the smoke from your smoker
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