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Comfort Food Monday

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Smoked Beef Sausage with Kraut and Russett Potatoes smoked hot and fast at 325 for 2 hours with apple and hickory wood.

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Great TBS, but where's the money shot?  My mouth has been watering since I read this post yesterday!  Did you get any pics before you consumed the meal? 

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Golly Ned I thought I did. Sorry about that. See what you think.....




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Oh I am so making that this weekend!
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Great looking meal! add some sliced apples and a good mustard and I'd have no problem scarfing that down!

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Spritz it every so often with either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar/apple juice mixed to keep it moist. I pre-rinse my kraut before to cut some of the salt out of it :eek:

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