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$400-$500 Smoker

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Hello all,
Finally upgrading from my old Brinkmann smoke n pit (SO many mods on it), and am looking for advice on a smoker around $500 that hopefully won't need many mods.
I have read reviews for these 3 and all seem pretty similar. Any advice?
The 3 I'm considering are the RiverGrille Farmer's Grill for about $500, the Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn smoker for about $430, and the Old Country Pecos smoker for about $400.
Any opinions, or advice? Maybe another one under $500 that I haven't considered? I do like the horizontal variety, and I like to burn big sticks.

Much appreciated!
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A friend just directed me to the Old Country Wrangler as opposed to any of these. Steel is 3/16" and completely welded. A little less cooking space but I would sacrifice that for the thickness I believe.
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 I bought the Oklahoma Joe from Walmart. I think it was $399. I bought some high temp gasket sealer and sealed all of the edges and gaps. I also extended the smoke stack down to grate level with a piece of dryer vent. I bought some wood fireplace door seal and sealed the cook chamber edges so it seals good when closed. The thing has cooked like a beast! I can't imagine using a baffler or tuning plate because it cooks great without them. 

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