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First Attempt at Bacon - Page 3

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It's just a dry cure without the Nitrate. The meat will not have the Pink/Red finish.

I attended a Curing Course, as did Wade and this was the way the showed how to make Bacon.
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If in doubt pop it in the freezer. You can thaw it out later when you have the cure.

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Popped it into freezer as ordered more prague powder... frustrating as I ordered juniper berried and a spice mill and gastronorm trays and rare breed pork. Only thing is its a LOT of pork. Now... The chef in me is screaming 'nooo! !!' as I contemplate this... Once it is cured and baconfide... shall I freeze it again to defrost as and when... or is it a case of once defrosted never refreeze? Chemically the composition is changing but I presume the nitrite will destroy any bacteria made in the process making it safe to freeze once it's done... This is all conjecture mind so Wade...Once again....what would you do? Bearing in mind this is for personal and not commercial.

By the way... rumour has it juniper berries will be in short supply next year making gin prices go through the roof so stock up now... on berries not gin... well you could stock up on gin too if you wanted.
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Originally Posted by Morrit View Post
Once it is cured and baconfide... shall I freeze it again to defrost as and when... or is it a case of once defrosted never refreeze?


Once you have further processed the bacon by curing and smoking it will then be perfectly safe to re-freeze. Once turned into bacon the freeze once rule will then apply again.

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Just what I wanted to hear. That's a MASSIVE relief. Thanks very much. So as they say... 3rd time lucky maybe? Just waiting on prague powder now...
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I know he is on here and I hope he don't mind me posting this again, it works for me.




Ask Phil, he is a wealth of knowledge.

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Prague powder #1 arrived today. Popped it into the cupboard and what did I find? Guess what... no go on guess.... correct.
Well I have a spare bag of prague powder if anyone wants it?

Pork is out the freezer defrosting so FINALLY I can start making bacon tomorrow...!
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Should of got the wife to look first time!
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She did... allegedly!!! Lol
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Started!!! Weighing up the nitrite and salt n sugar on those little digital scales must be what drug dealers go through every day! But...

Call me El Baconado

All ready for the fridge. One with juniper, one with bay leaves and one with a pre mix that I bought. Will keep you posted!

Cut one piece of meat and it weighed in at 999grams... how frustrating!
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Your up and running now, about 12-14 days to cure then smoke time!
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When I weighed it all out I was thinking 'there isn't enough cure here surely!' But I was wrong. I'm used to curing fish!
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A little goes a long way.  Looking forward to the results.   What flavours are you going to smoke them with?

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Going to keep one green as the wife doesn't like smoked flavour. Then probably one with apple and the other with maple... can't wait!
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Apple is fantastic, and a favourite, I smoke mine for about 24 hours which is just the right amount of smoke for Mrs Smokewood.  Personally I prefer a bit more smoke.  I have not got round to trying Maple yet.  maybe the next one will be with Maple but the freezer is kind of full at the moment.

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I only have a cold smoker maze thingy. Does about 8 to 10 hours of smoke per round. Will start it in the morning then again before bed. Counting down the days...
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Waiting is the hardest part!
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Originally Posted by Smokin Monkey View Post

Waiting is the hardest part!

It certainly is.  If you want a really good bit of advice, get another couple of pork loins started because by the time you give away a slice here and and a couple of slices there you won't have much left for yourself. I found this wait even harder than waiting for the first bacon to cure because I knew how good it was.

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Disaster... One of my sealed bags hadn't sealed properly. It's leaked a lot of the cure liquid out. Have resealed it but it's lost some of the brine... nevermind.... I hope!
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This should not be a major problem but just remember that it is likely to have less residual cure than you initially calculated. Try to keep it cool if/when you smoke it and then slice and freeze relatively quickly when ready rather than storing chilled in the fridge. 

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