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I will pop back in the summer to see the results👍🍗
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To be honest, taking in to account the target weight loss of 30%, I think this may be ready before I anticipated. Depends how long it now take to dry in open air. I'm hoping that this process will get slower as it progresses.

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I'm watching this thread, no wonder the stuff is so expensive.,,,,takes a long time to bring it up to speed.

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Originally Posted by Hoity Toit View Post

I'm watching this thread, no wonder the stuff is so expensive.,,,,takes a long time to bring it up to speed.

Yeh, and I'm not going to guarantee that it will be edible when its done LOL

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This is awesome. Thanks for posting all of this. Quick question, what temp are you hanging your meat at? Is it just room temp in your house? 

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Sorry didn't see this sooner, its been hanging outside in the meat safe and been switching it between there and the fridge.

Im goint to check on it now and post more pics and info

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Right, we are now at the 12 month stage.

Weight is now bang on 6 kg.

That's exactly 30% weight/moisture loss which is the target.

Really don't know what to do now.

Do I leave it to dry longer, or should I give in to temptation, clean it and carve it?



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Well...even if is ready to enjoy you will leave it hanging, won't you? And slice portions off whenever you feel like prosciutto?

I would wipe off the lard from one side and try it. Then cover back with lard. Only remove the rind from the area you want to slice.

Check some videos online on slicing prosciutto.
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Live life to the full, give in to Temptation!
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Originally Posted by Smokin Monkey View Post

Live life to the full, give in to Temptation!


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Sounds like a plan to me....ill give it a try but may not be able to try it tonight.

I tried the old bamboo skewer trick to see if there were any off smells and so far all indications are good.

Ill have to video the tasting LOL

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Gotta love ur patience,12 months is a long time!Looks great and looking forward to the initial slice:)
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OK, I'm letting the ham come up to room temp. One thing I have noticed, if you look at the most recent photo, there is a crack in the lard that runs horizontally from the ball joint of the bone to the far right of the joint. There is a slight odour coming from this, i cant think its a mixture of garlic and pepper as used in the cure. After a year, if it had gone rotten the smell would be a lot worse I would think. Ill carve it on my next day off

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Right......tomorrow it is.....cant wait any longer. ill video the event and post it on here and Rustys Rustic Pantry

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Well, I am hoping to carve the prosciutto later today. Then I realised that I didn't have a ham stand!!!
So I decided to make one.  The upright dowels are flexible so they will act as a clamp when I put an elastic band round them and then there are the spikes which stop it slipping around ...SIMPLES LOL



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Sorry folks...i wanted to get this all sorted and tidied up but unfortunately my mother passed away and obviously priorities changed. all i can say is that the project is a total success and will post vids asap

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Sorry to hear about your mother...   condolences.......     

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Please accept my condolences.Go be with your family. We will be here when you return. May your mother's soul rest in peace.
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Sniper, so sorry to hear your Mother has passed.    My condolences are with you and your family.   May God Bless you and your family and help you through this difficult time.

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Sorry for your loss.......my condolences.

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