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Here is my wood tray
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Thanks Lemans.  Guess I'm not going to see any orifices there, huh?  They're hidden under that sprocket-looking affair.   I initially thought that was a sign of a low-BTU, burner, like the proposed BBQ grill side-burner that was proposed in the initial post post here.  But going back to the "Bayou Classic" I linked to above, this looks remarkably like that. Does this have an air adjustment like the Bayou Classic?  I suspect that's key to getting good adjustability from max heat to minimum.  

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Yes. It is just like my bayou for adjusting the air volumn
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Thanks Lemans.  And it's got an additional, multi-turn needle valve in the gas line after the regulator?  

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So Mosparky, what are you going to do?  The electric approach has the lowest "fuel" costs, and electrical controllers probably can maintain temperature best (although PID-controlled air fans on wood/charcoal cookers do remarkably well) but there's no arguing with the huge power advantage you can get with carbon-based fuels.  


Is Mo for Missouri?  Do you do a lot of smoking in sub-zero temps?  That may shift the decision in Lemans' direction.  

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Yes Mo is for Missouri. And no I don't smoke in sub zero temps. I try to hide where it's warm. My main job is in a grocery meat dept, I get more than my share of cold. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be pretty chilly and Easter is a crap shoot. Those days are a must for the traditional family dinners.

 I'm thinking I'm going to go the gas route. I really don't want to deal with electric. Turkey/fish fryer is most likely the the best way to approach the conversion. Next to nothing to do. The side burner is worth an experiment if I come across one but it does require engineering a mounting method, and overcoming issues brought on by the fact the control knob is the oriface, so the geographic location in relation to the burner is another issue unto itself.

Perhaps once I convert to gas and have a Maverick remote, I will be smoking in colder temps. For now, I'm going to complete the mods to the ECB and experiment with menion/snake method for more controlled temps, meanwhile watching for sweetheart deals on parts for the gas conversion. Now if I come across something sweet for an electric I might try that too.

 With Brinkmann filing chapter 11, I'm looking for alternatives to their water and charcoal bowls. I need to order before they run out and make a plan for next time I need them.

 I work alot and the ECB is but 1 of 4 grills/smokers needing attention. Progress will be slow.

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Comes the snow my wsm goes away and my propane comes out
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Lemans, are the holes in the charcoal pan a necessity. I'm new to this so be patient. While the holes would seem to encourage the wood chips/chunks ( I perfer to use chunks) to flame up, but on the other hand I just can't imagine a flat pan transfering enough heat to smolder the chips/chunks.

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It does.. Trust me you are over thinking this
I have made tons of ribs on it works
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I have a small frying pan, not even cast iron.  I place it on a 1500W hotplate set at half-power, place a chunk of cherry on there, and it smokes just fine.

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The holes allow the ash to fall through--makes it a little messier.  But might keep your wood burning better if you MAKE a lot of ash.  Why not just add the holes if you find you're not smoking enough?  With a big propane burner, I don't think you'll have any problem making smoke.  You may have the opposite...your wood starts to burn...but you can then move the pan higher or wrap up your smoking chips to choke off the air a bit more.  

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