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Beef back rib feedback please

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Hey all,

So I have never attempted beef ribs before and have some friends coming by tomorrow and figured I would give it a whirl, but I am reading quite a bit of conflicting info (go figure lol). I was hoping for a bit of feedback.

I picked up some nice backribs and was planning on using a basic spog mixture same as I use on my briskets. I am figuring to use a 3.2.1 type method for cooking. I use an offset woodburner and have all sorts of fruit wood splits and was going to settle on peach as everyone talks about beef ribs easily taking on too much smoke. This is really where my worry lies. Should I be leaving these in the smoke for as long as 3 hours or should I cut back after an hour or two? I personally like a fairly robust smokey flavor but I don't want to kill it with smoke. I plan on serving these dry without sauce it that makes a difference...



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I don't think you'll dislike 3 hours of smoke if you prefer robust smoke.
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I just did a rack today and did a 3-2-1 and they were great. Not over smoked at all.

Sometimes it takes a little longer than 3-2-1 so just cook them like you said, like a brisket until probe or toothpick tender! Good luck!
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Just a FYI, beef ribs are tasty & a fav round this house.... But, just something I learned doing them.... They tend to give off a bunch of fat drippings ! Just my experience, but keep a close eye on them ! My pellet grill drip bucket overflowed, so was just giving a heads up.... Good luck & post your smoke !
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BB, I do beef ribs and sometimes they are a bit chewy, I'd do pork ribs for company and experiment later with beef using yourself as the guinea  pig !:icon_biggrin:

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Thanks all... I am a couple hours in and things are looking good! I will post some pics later of the final product. Here is one just about ready to go on!

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The final results were awesome! Super tender but not even remotely mushy. Total hit with everyone! 3.5 hours in the peachwood smoke, 2.5 hours in foil and 45 minutes back on the heat...

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Those look awesome! Congrats!  Beef ribs will quickly become one of your favorite smokes!!!

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Kick-ass smoke ring on those ribs. Well done sir!

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Thanks guys! I can't wait to have another go at them...
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