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First Country Style Ribs

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First I need to say I'm posting on roll call because there's no "post new thread" button on any other forum AE pork sticky.
Anyway, I'm doing some Country Style Ribs today. Found some nice fat ones on sale.
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Going with simple today. Brined them for 4 hours in a simple salt sugar mix, then rubbed with a take on Jeff's rub.
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They went in at around 1:30 with a Hickory\Apple mix. Lots of wind today!
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I didn't realize how the wind would blow today. Had a couple of blow outs before I worked out a fix. Mom always said I had Dad's stubborn streak . Go ahead and laugh :)
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Anyway it finally hit 160IT at 3:30. I foiled with some Tony's and let it go for another hour.
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Sauced them up and put them in for another hour. Of course had some ABTs.
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Took them out at 4:45, covered to rest for a half hour. All in all I' m happy. Just have to work on a "wind" mod now...
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Oops. They came out at 5:45 not 4:45.
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Meijer meat and wind aye. Must be Michigan! Looks great! I bet they were awesome!
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Lucky for me they were awesome, Prestonk! The Mrs. didn't want csrs. because they always seemed a little dry on the grill. I promised they would be different in the smoker. She loved them...
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Agree. They are worlds better in the smoker! Awesome!
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My Wife loves Country Style ribs on the charcoal grill with BBQ sauce. She's not a big "smoker" fan, I think this one is worth a try, it might convince her. Those DO look good.



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If you want , Scooter, you can "crisp" them when they're done on the grill for a few minutes or stick them in the inside broiler to do the same thing. A lot of people do, but we're ok with them right out of the smoker.
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Nice job they look great!
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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a warm day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.





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