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Hunting, fall camping is the best, and bonfires!

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 Smoking meat and drinking rum and coke.



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Finally being able to open the windows and not have the 90% humidity!!!!


For the past couple years it has been the South Florida Gathering and being able to meet several new friends.


Anything in the smoker is a great adventure.

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Favorite Fall Activity:

Putting something on the smoker and getting a nice fire going in the fire pit and sitting around with my wife.



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Sorry, no facebook for me. Until I'm too old to keep my balance, my favorite fall activity will be riding the Suzuki out in the country just taking in the colors and smells.

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Salmon fishing on the rivers here in west Michigan and tailgating with my friends and family. GO PACKERS!
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I really enjoy taking pictures as the leaves change, and keeping my smoker fired up. Love the cool fall weather



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No FB here either.

Favorite fall activities...

Heading out to the woods with a light flannel and the chainsaw to make some firewood.

The smells of a fall forest cannot be beat.

Hunting with friends and family.

Evening Bonfires with great music, friends, and your favorite beverage.

Thank You Todd for the wonderful products!


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No Facebook here either


I have a laundry list of fall activities


Fresh smoked salmon


Blacktail jerky and back strap




Nothing better than smoking the meat you have hunted or fished for


Love the NW

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Favorite Fall Activity?

Taking the kids to the pumpkin patch, and letting them pick out a pumpkin. Of course, my daughter would always try to get one about twice her size. 43.gif

Now she will be taking her own son to the patch for the first time, and I want to be there to get pics.

I also love apple sauce donuts, but they are now hard to find. Hardly anyone makes them anymore.

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football and tailgating! Go Big Red!

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Hunting, there is just something about homemade venison jerky and sausage.

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canning pears, apple and pumking pies, and finishing up all the goodies still coming out of the garden before the first killing frost.

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going to the orchards!

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Anything that includes my girl!
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Favorite Fall Activities:



Playing music around a fire with family and friends

Bike rides down country roads as the leaves are changing



Thanks for the opportunity, Todd!

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Spending time with my daughter! I love showing her what means the most to me and hopefully carrying on traditions and letting her carry the torch when I'm gone! This does include smoking meat, bonfires, fishing, most things outdoors!

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I love to grill.  Generally every weekend I set up the grill and invite everyone over to watch the big game.  There is always food on the table on the weekends at my house.  This year we plan (dependent on the weather) to stay up all halloween smoking a pork butt for the sunday games! It will be the first time everyone will be over for my new smoker, and I am super excited!



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Being able to cold smoke during the night time in the Texan "autumn" with my AMNPS smoker in the WSM. Play around outside with my son. Being able to sit outside again and eat delicious smoked meals with friends and family :)


Then it is time to bring the bicycles out again, both moutainbiking and road-biking. 

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