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Getting married in the spring of 2016, the one thing I asked to be put on our registry was a new grill.  I plan on buying a nicer grill so I'm allowing guests to put funds towards my grill.  I was hoping to get a lil info on which fuel type/ grill model people recommend.  

I'm debating between an Original Kettle Premium 26 in. Charcoal Grill/ Kamado joe/ and potentially some form of pellet grill.

Im not an extreme griller by any means but do tend to grill alot mainly (steaks, burgers/dogs. & chicken) Nothing fancy.  Ive been grilling on charcoal for the last year and love it compared to propane (which is why I dont want one).  But lets get to the point...


My thoughts (correct me if I'm wrong)


Original Kettle Premium 26 in. Charcoal Grill


-price cheapest

-Kingsford charcoal (stock up when on sale) cheapest fuel

-lots of readily available parts and add-ons


-May not last as long as I'd like.




-Built to last

-could integrate into a grilling station

-holds temp the best


-more expensive grill

-must use more expensive lump charcoal


Pellet grill (traeger or rec tec or ????)


-cleaner to use 

-easier/faster to use (wife can use)

-electric (I do have access to receptacle in grill area) (is there a large increase in electric bill)

-can have better taste if smoked



-As expensive as kamado grills

-expensive pellets? most expensive fuel source?

-doesnt sear as well 

-may not last long with moving parts


Basically, I'm looking for a grill around $1000  that will last for a long time without rusting out or breaking.  But also uses a fuel source that is not super expensive (I grill a few times a week in the summer even winter).