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Good chance I may bring the pastrami home tonight to smoke tomorrow. All depends on how long my appointments last today. If not today, I'll pick it up after work on Saturday, to smoke on Sunday.


The walk ins are very nice and convenient. I'm not constantly having to rearrange my home refrigerator to make space.


It's the 6-3' x 8' stainless steel and the 2-3' x 6' butcher block tables, that allows me plenty of room to work on my experiments. 241.png

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Day 14 Pastrami Update



No time to get my brisket out of the brine today... :icon_cry: All of my appointments ran long... :frown:


Have to make a special trip to the kitchen tomorrow and get the pastrami out of the brine, onto racks and sheet pans, and back into the walk in for another day to form the pellicle. I have to make time after work on Saturday, to pick it up and get my WSM ready for an early morning start.


Looks like it's going to be a Sunday pastrami smokefest... :yahoo: 

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Sure, make us wait longer
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Sure, make us wait longer





I had a hard time waiting this long. I promised myself I would let it hang out in the brine, a minimum of 14 days... 


Last time the brisket barely made it in the brine for 8 days... :cool:



Every year, when I make corned beef for St Paddy's Day, it's usually a 20 day brine... :icon_eek: 

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Day 15 Pastrami Update
Out of the brine and onto racks to dry(forgot the racks my gf normally uses at home to cool cookies and had to buy some cheap aluminum slotted pans :icon_redface: ). Back into the walk in it goes to form the pellicule.
The smaller half of my pastrami brisket after 15 days in the brine...
...rinsed and patted dry...
...headed back into the walk in for the next 24 hours... 
So close, I can already taste it... :drool



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Minor setback on my pastrami's scheduled smoke... home refrigerator decided it was time to give up the ghost today(bad pun with Halloween still a week away 52.gif )...


...going to smoke it overnight so I can have time to pick up a new refrigerator tomorrow...





Day 16/17 Pastrami Update



Got to break in my new toy, a mini spice(coffee) grinder...


...found new for $3.16...


...reason it was so cheap, might have been the included instructions were only in French... I would actually read them anyways... :rolleyes:






...almost time to toss my (soon to be)pastrami onto my WSM... :yahoo:


...all rubbed and waiting for the TBS to begin flowing... th_wsmsmile0ly.gif


...decided on a combination of hickory(60) and cherry(40)...


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Just a few minutes after midnight...


...and away we go... :icon_mrgreen:


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After 11 hours over a combination of hickory and cherry...






...first couple of slices...





Since my refrigerator decided to die yesterday, I have minimal options to eat the pastrami here at home...


...opened a jar of our pickled fennel and added a few drops of dijon mustard to soft rolls for a quick test bite...


...pretty basic, but enough for a sample...





Much better with the additional time in the brine...


...the garlic, ginger, pickling spices and the black peppercorn and coriander bark are much more predominant in the flavor profile this time around...







Next pastrami, I'll let it brine for another week(21 days)... 

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Great job! It looks really good. 

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Nice job I hope mine comes out like that.Thanks for sharing




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Originally Posted by bmaddox View Post

Great job! It looks really good. 




The hardest part now, after waiting for the long brine and smoke, is having to store the pastrami at work, 15+ miles away. Still waiting on my new home refrigerator to deliver sometime today. Once that's done, I'll get the chance to make something and do the pastrami justice. 


I'm planning to make reubens with raw sauerkraut, emmentaler cheese, homemade 1000 island dressing on rye bread. Don't get me wrong, the pickled fennel was good, but there was so many other ingredients missing. :frown:



Originally Posted by tropics View Post

Nice job I hope mine comes out like that.Thanks for sharing







Patience is the key. Every time I checked on the brine's progress, it took massive amounts of willpower to not bring it home and load it into my WSM. I'm glad I let it brine a full 15 days this time around. The flavors are much more embedded into the pastrami and nicely layered. I did a much heavier peppercorn/coriander rub this time, that provides a nice bite(slight heat component) and contrast to the garlic/ginger/spice flavors of the pastrami.


Once the pastrami cooled and rested, my gf and I must have picked, pulled, prodded and sliced enough small pieces of pastrami for a week. :rolleyes:




Have fun with your pastrami!!!

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Got the refrigerator delivered/replaced... :icon_mrgreen:


Finally had the time and ingredients to make a reuben and do my pastrami justice today... :rotflmao: 






...thin sliced pastrami mounded onto fresh sourdough...


...thin sliced emmental cheese...


...couple of forkfuls of raw sauerkraut...


...light smear of homemade ketchup and chinese hot mustard mixed together...


...grilled in a skillet with organic, unsalted butter to a golden brown...





Once again, we're roughin' it in the Santa Cruz mountains, sfprankster style... nana2.gif

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Another meal made with my pastrami... :icon_mrgreen:




Pastrami Salad "The Refuge" style


romaine lettuce**

emmental cheese


raw sauerkraut

hard cooked, free range eggs**


early girl tomatoes**

homemade honey mustard dressing**

...and of course, my PASTRAMI  :drool


**organic ingredients





...with a small bowl of Tom Ka Gai(Thai coconut chicken soup) over steamed rice






The Refuge is a restaurant in San Carlos, CA, where they brine and smoke their own pastrami. A bit on the expensive side, $17 for a reuben sammie, but worth the try if you are in the neighborhood.

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How did I miss this in the freezer for so long? :icon_eek:


Found this pastrami hiding behind a 20 lb brisket that's waiting for my WSM spa treatment... :cool:


Might be time to get my eyes checked... :eek:







Sliced and packed for quick sammies for this weekend's road trip to SoCal... driving.gif


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Memorial Day weekend Sunday brunch... 42.gif


The makings of a reuben...





...the 5 island sauce...


...a little homemade ketchup and ground mustard...





...taking the chill off the pastrami... a little butter and water, in a covered pan...





...piled high onto toasted sourdough(one side only)...


...few slices of emmentaler cheese...


...some raw sauerkraut...


...and my 5 island sauce...




Another rough weekend meal in the Santa Cruz mountains, sfprankster style... :banana_smiley:

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Oh no!!! 


Last of the pastrami... :icon_eek:





Woke up to my gf making me this... :yahoo: 


Pastrami hash 'n eggs for our Sunday brunch... :drool





Guess it's time to get another hunk of brisket into a brine... :tongue:

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