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Jerky cure

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will nesco jerky seasoning and cure work for sliced jerky? directions say ground beef on the nesco original seasoning. Also how do you cure sliced jerky? How thick do you slice your jerky? My butcher says 1/4 inch sliced. And what cut do you use for your sliced beef jerky? Last but not least how long will this stuff last vac sealed and whats the best way to store it?

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Not familiar with the Nesco brand. Have used the High Mountain packages for both ground and sliced beef jerky. For the ground meat I cure for 1 day and sliced for 2 days. Using top round it's also called London Broil for the whole meat jerky. Using an electric slicer on meat that has been partially frozen before slicing. After vac. sealing it's stored in the freezer and removed as needed. Not sure on the length of storage as it get eaten fast.


Hope this helps.

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so whats the best dehydrator out there i am looking at lem stuff and cabelas ones from what i see cabelas is pretty much a lem. right now i use the round nesco one the and the trays are all egged shaped and it makes no sence  to me to have round trays for when i do ground jerky. just looking for some tips on good dehydrators.

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The Sausage Maker dehydrator is awesome... I have been using it for about 8 years.... I have the D-10
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My Excalibur is a great dehydrator and its made lots of jerky with no issues.

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I've had a Excalibur for over 10 yrs would never think about any other!

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Amen to Excalibur.  Got the 5 tray and love it.

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